Ambient&spresso  by Antonio Nurri is committed to contribute to the Italian espresso industry and to its traditions. We also offer consulting and brand development to those wishing to establish cafés and coffee roasting plants.

#C Coffee Blends

We are able to create a new customized coffee brand and eventually exclusively granted to a single customer, roasting and packaging the coffee beans in several weight 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g bag. 

#EM Espresso Machine

Antonio's creativity and ideas of innovation find their fulfillment @ ACS ( where the capability of Paolo Cortese implements and enriches these concept into reality. Manufacturing and design of high-end stylized espresso coffee machine; a special range of these exclusively personalized. 


#CC Concept Coffee

Specialized interior architects are partners in the company. So will be able to supply layout of coffee shop in a very Italian style, interpreting in modern, traditional and innovative way of serving the coffee. We may include also the selling of food and wine in the same place.

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